ILONA speaks nationwide about her experience having been widowed at the age of 35 with two little boys, Leo and Max, at the time just 16 weeks and 3 years old.

Faced with the new responsibility of taking care of her sons on her own, ILONA continued to work as a real estate agent (having had her license since 2002) and began investing in real estate to create multiple streams of passive income.

"Having the security of money come in whether or not I get out of bed in the morning has given me so much freedom and joy. It has ultimately enabled me to not only care for my family, but to also follow many dreams including being a performer (I play guitar and am a singer/songwriter), and live by the beach.

I believe my story has the power to inspire other people in similar circumstance or anyone who has found themselves in a deep dark tunnel wondering how to find the light again."

ILONA speaks to women's groups, divorces, widows, anyone interested in real estate, investing, and creating passive income, cancer support groups and philanthropic organizations.